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June 28, 2016

Meeting the Specialist

Baby Boy 3D This week has brought about one of our highly-anticipated baby appointments, the meeting with the perinatologist. Due to a thyroid condition that I wrote about here, we have had a little extra monitoring with my pregnancies to ensure that my body isn't causing any problems for baby. While all indicators so far had been full speed ahead, it's always a little nerve-wracking to go in for this kind of appointment, especially if you're armed with the knowledge of the myriad of things that could potentially go wrong.

We were fortunate enough to get an ultrasound technician who took her time looking all over baby's tiny body, taking detailed measurements, and even giving us a few souvenir 3D shots of our little boy's face (using my placenta as a built-in pillow). It was breathtaking to see his little body- especially his tiny heart- in such amazing detail.

Once the scan was done, we spoke with the specialist who, despite some confusion on when I was actually due to give birth, reassured us that baby is looking healthy, strong, and slightly big (which basically puts him on track for being about the same size as his brothers and sisters at birth). She did recommend that we have one more ultrasound next month, just as a precaution, to be certain that baby is still growing properly, but at the present, we really couldn't ask for any better results.

This little boy is healthy, strong, and developing a serious soccer kick that will be rivaling his brother's in short order. And with all the babies that are arriving to friends this summer, let's just say we are eagerly counting down the days until this little boy is in our arms too!

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