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May 30, 2016

One More Time

Little Foot
So apparently we have a bit of catching-up to do in this little space, especially since this little one is getting closer and closer to making an appearance and I don't want to completely forget what it's been like to gestate this tiny person!

After Mary was born, we were pretty set on being a family of five. In fact, we were so certain of that fact that we made plans to make our decision permanent, but as the day grew closer and closer, I started to feel more and more unsettled with our choice. I saw our older two kids playing together so well and I realized how much more fun (and chaotic) our family would be with another child close in age to Mary. So after a lot of discussions and prayers, we cancelled our appointment and made the leap, hoping that we would be fortunate enough to get pregnant quickly.

God was so good. We were certain that we wouldn't get pregnant right away since things with Mary took a bit of trying, but on December 27th, just weeks after we had begun trying, we found out that we would be a family of six! It's going to be crazy around here in the fall... but we are embracing the chaos, one more time.

Welcome to the family, baby number four!

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