August 20, 2015

This Parenthood Gig

Reading with Daddy
Our days lately have been filled with lots of family time. We are soaking in these final days of summer and Jonathan has been working from home frequently. I love these days, watching my boys go biking or running together over the lunch hour and knowing that I'm able to see my husband in the middle of the workday. It's so sweet to be able to make the most of this time that we have together.

The other night I handed the baby off to Jonathan so I could go make dinner. A few minutes later, I walked into the living room and saw my husband reading to all three kids. It was a moment that perfectly sums him up as a dad; he's so selfless and always there for his kids.

I know that our setup is unusual; most families don't have the luxury of having both parents around as much as we are. It's strange for certain, and comes with its own set of challenges, such as completing office work and meetings around the noises that come with three kids, two of whom bicker like it's an art form and one that's currently teething. Yet for all the challenges, my husband continues to be there with us as much as he can and it's something that I love and that I truly believe our kids will remember as they grow.

These days that their daddy gets to spend with our little family of five are invaluable and something that we all treasure. Every lunchtime bike ride with papa, every stolen kiss, every baby giggle while playing or reading is priceless. I don't know what I would do without this man. He's my rock and I'm so glad he's my other half in this parenthood gig.

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