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August 12, 2015


Garage Painting
Posting on here has become rather spotty as of late. This summer has been packed full of all sorts of good things for our family, like a baby who is happier but is still making every bottle a hurdle to be conquered or a mama who is spending hours hunched over a breast pump or a myriad of house projects that have been newly conquered (like a freshly stripped and painted garage)! All of these things are wonderful, but they've left little time and energy to do much else in the evenings except collapse on our sofa and slowly whittle away at the newest episodes of House of Cards or CSI.

Summer is drawing to a close all too quickly around here. I know that some parents look forward to the start of school and as much as I am thrilled to know that I will have lots of one-on-one time with Mary this year, my heart is aching as I only have a couple weeks left before Nathaniel will be a full-time kindergartner and Evelyn will be starting preschool. How has the time gone by so quickly? Summer has passed by in a flash and I'm already seeing friends announce the beginning of their children's school years online.

Right now, I'm counting my blessings, knowing that we have a few more weeks to soak in the summer sun together before we're back in the land of hot lunches and backpacks. Before it's all said and done, we need to make at least one more trip to the beach and climb many, many more trees. Summer's almost over, but we're not nearly done with it yet.

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