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August 14, 2015


Favorite Toy
Boo Boos
Trees are for Climbing
Now that our littlest girl is over five months old, she is taking a pretty keen interest in some of her toys. She is still madly in love with her blue octopus, but her adoration for this orange ball isn't far behind. Of course, the toys pale in comparison to the potential amusement of her big siblings. Watching her brother and sister jump and dance around in front of her is her first choice for playtime any day of the week.

Poor Evelyn has found herself the owner of many, many boo boos this summer. Between the mosquitoes in our backyard who absolutely love my sweet girl to the countless falls she's had on the sidewalk (usually running after her big brother), we are going through Frozen bandaids left and right. It almost makes me look forward to the end of summer, knowing that she'll at least have a bit of extra padding to fall on when she's wearing snow pants in the dead of winter.

Nathaniel has become our tree climber this summer, scaling several of the trees in our yard. Most recently, he climbed a flowering tree in our front yard while Jonathan was up on the patio that sits atop our garage. Imagine his surprise when my husband looked over to see Nathaniel at the top of the tree. New rules were immediately implemented about tree climbing and this mama is deeply grateful that Nathaniel hasn't discovered the huge pine tree that is perfect for climbing next to the house!

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