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August 5, 2015


High Chair Baby
Little Helper
My sweet littlest girl is getting better and better about spending a little time in her high chair so I can do a few things in the kitchen. It's a huge relief, considering that I'm starting to cook a bit more than I had been and rely a little less on my dwindling stash of freezer meals. Meanwhile, while Mary hangs out in her chair, her big siblings are usually jumping around her, putting on a show and making her giggle.

Evelyn has been spending lots more time outside lately playing with her big brother and the neighbor boys. One of her favorite places to play is in the fort that Jonathan made for them, "cooking" for the boys. As a fun little fact, when I snapped this photo, she decided to pose in a way that perfectly exemplifies her not-so-little personality!

Nathaniel has been such a huge helper recently! Working on our garage project has gone hand-in-hand with tearing out part of our gardens so we can start from scratch next year (and in the meantime, rid ourselves of a wild and overgrown flowerbed). This sweet guy helped tear things out and haul it all away with me. He's turning into such an amazing little boy!

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