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July 2, 2015

Summer Surprise

Berry Surprise
Bowl O' Berries
Little Monsters
I've abandoned our poor little garden this summer, largely due to a distinct lack of time these days. (And it may or may not have anything to do with the horde of mosquitoes that are always hovering in our treeline just waiting for me to step a toe into the backyard.) Bloodsuckers notwithstanding, my garden has been entirely overtaken by weeds and I've been doing my best to ignore it and not to feel sympathy for the neighbors who are forced to look at my atrocious mess every day.

Side note, deep inside I do feel bad. Just not bad enough to use my five minutes of free time to go week the dang thing. I figure I'll get to it... next summer.

Earlier this week while the wee ones and I were outside, I noticed something red poking out of the weeds. The kids and I went over to investigate and I was downright shocked to see not one or two, but an entire garden full of strawberries! I sent Nathaniel inside to grab a bowl and we started picking. It was amazing- the weeds had actually worked in our favor by hiding the berries from the birds, a far cry from last summer when we had a grand total of one berry from our garden thanks to a hungry flock.

So now I feel slightly justified in surrendering my garden to the mass of weeds. At least we'll get some strawberries out of the deal so all around, I'm calling it a win.

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