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June 24, 2015

These Guys

Father's Day
This past weekend, we had the chance to celebrate just how amazing Jonathan is and how much he means to our little family. It was a fantastic day to remember all that he does for our family and to be able to do some extra special things for him.

We kicked off our day with church and a coffee run (because Lord knows you need the caffeine when you're setting an alarm in the middle of the night to feed your infant). After a quick lunch at home, Jonathan spent some time working on his bike to prep for an upcoming race and then he got to bike with the two older kids for awhile while I kept our littlest one happy and made one of his favorite dinners. Then it was time for gifts and the surprise the kids had been just bursting at the seams to tell him about all day long- a chocolate cake that they had decorated all by themselves. And yes, the blue and green frosting was heaped on that cake!!

It was such a great day to be able to spend as a family and to celebrate the man that leads our family with such love and grace. At the end of the day, I couldn't make it without him and I'm so glad to have him next to me as we ride the roller coaster of parenthood together!

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