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June 30, 2015


Swing Time
Little Mary has been absolutely enthralled with her swing lately. Though we may be shooting ourselves in the foot later on, we let her nap in her swing every afternoon and she adores it, sleeping soundly for several hours. We acquired the swing off of Craigslist early on in my pregnancy with her and it has been one of the best baby items we've used so far. It's got music, rain noises, lights, and little sheep that go in a circle above her head. And best of all... you can turn the swing with a push of a button. Considering that her nap time also doubles as my TV/folding laundry time, being able to turn her easily without picking up the entire mechanism feels like such a luxury!

Nathaniel and Evelyn are busy outside, as always. Lately, they've been having loads of fun playing in their sandbox... though they do struggle with the concept of closing it back up before a huge thunderstorm. Now we have our very own personal pond underneath the playset. In other words, we're breeding mosquitoes like it's going out of style.

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