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June 23, 2015


At the Doctor
In the Fort
Mary is getting stronger these days so she spent a little time sitting up in her high chair recently (supported in by the tray, of course). Per usual, she was entranced by her blue octopus and loved reaching for the plastic play rings. And then she was done sitting up. Very, very done.

Evelyn recently had a little run-in with her older brother's foot at the neighbor's house. To hear them tell it, it sounds as though the monkey bars were to blame and, I suspect, two kids that weren't watching where they were going. Thanks to some weird bruises, she got a quick visit to the pediatrician the next day (because it wouldn't be right if we missed a week there, right?). Thankfully, everything looked just fine and she even got a sticker for her immense bravery.

Nathaniel's been busy playing in the outdoor fort that he, Daddy, and Uncle Chris built against our huge pine tree. After watching his dad and uncle build the big parts, this strong little boy decided that he wanted to build some "windows" in the fort, so he started dragging pieces of scrap wood out of Jonathan's pile and adding them as finishing touches to his home away from home. He's definitely creative, that one.

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