June 11, 2015


Mister Octopus
Big Girl Bike
Last Day of School
In the last week or so, this wee one has become absolutely enamored with the blue octopus that lives on her play gym. I picked it up at Target while she was still a newborn, feeling a little guilty that her older siblings had copious amounts of toys while she didn't have much to look at and play with, but that's all changed now. Whenever I lay her on the play gym, she's immediately drawn to that blue eight-legged creature and loves staring at him while she hangs onto those plastic rings for dear life.

It was a red-letter week around these parts because Evelyn finally got her very own big girl bike! After practicing by riding the little red trike around the patio over and over and over, she got to go to the bike shop and pick out a very purple bike (with pink streamers, of course). She's not far behind her big brother these days and watching Jonathan teach her how to ride like a grown up has been so sweet!

School's out for the summer and this guy couldn't be more excited. He's started compiling a list of things he wants to do- running in the sprinklers, the zoo, a few beach trips, and much, much more.

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