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June 9, 2015


Sprinkler Fun
This sweet little lady is slowly starting to tolerate being set down in her swing or her bouncer. It comes as a big relief to all of us. It's hard to appreciate little things like being able to make dinner with both arms or using the bathroom in peace until those things are taken away. Now that we're finally making our way back from the edge of sanity, we're all a lot happier.

Our brief foray into the joys of summer has officially begun here in the Land of Long Underwear. Now that it's not cold and snowy anymore, the big kids have been enjoying things like running around outside in their swimsuits. On this particular day, Evelyn was doing her best to wait patiently as Daddy got the sprinkler out for their backyard adventures, and Nathaniel was busy running off some of that excess little boy energy racing between our dilapidated garden and the giant maple tree that towers over our yard.

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