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May 23, 2015


Dish Baby
Bike Progress
So frequently, bloggers don't post photos of our messes and imperfections, but one of my big challenges lately has been finding ways to deal with the messes that occur with living while taking care of Mary. Most days, she won't tolerate being put into her high chair or lying on her play gym for more than a moment or two. From a practical standpoint, this means that finding the time to empty my dishwasher or fold laundry is pretty elusive. Knowing that this little girl definitely has her preferences when it comes to being held or entertained, I've been forced to get creative to get things done and one such solution has been her bath time. Since this little lady isn't mobile yet, she can safely sit in her bath and enjoy the warm water while Mama keeps a close eye out and empties the dishwasher. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it's working for us at the present!

I snapped this photo of Evelyn mid-yawn and it pretty much sums up her week perfectly. We've been dealing with a bit of regression on the potty training front at night along with a new habit of getting up every few hours and asking to be tucked back in to her bed. In other words, she's doing her best imitation of a newborn… and it's exhausting.

After watching our kids and their sheer adoration for biking when they tried a friend's Strider recently, Jonathan had the brilliant idea of removing the pedals from Nathaniel's bike. Since his training wheels had broken at the beginning of bike season, this little guy's been avoiding his bike but with the pedals off, he's back at it with a vengeance and his balance is better than ever before! We're all getting very excited for him to be able to ride "for real" very, very soon!

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