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May 21, 2015


Little Looks
Getting Clean
We're a bit overdue for a state of the baby address (it's coming as soon as I have time to type with both hands again), but for now we're doing our best to stay positive with this sweet baby girl. We're starting to get some smiles so that definitely makes it easier, but catching one with the real camera remains a challenge.

This week we also renewed our supply of bath crayons which had all of us singing hallelujah. Evelyn was thrilled because that meant long baths spent coloring on the tub and I was personally overjoyed because it was a solid block of time that Evelyn can be creative and entertain herself so I can hold Mary or have a few minutes to just breathe.

This guy has been busy building Legos like mad. Our latest conundrum is that he is running out of blocks after using nearly all of them to build various guns, phones, cars, etc. Taking them apart is akin to losing a limb so I foresee a trip to the Lego store in our near future.

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