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May 12, 2015


Lala Loopsies
Mother's Day at School
Our littlest one came down with her first cold this week. Hearing sad little baby sniffles is the worst and it certainly didn't do anything to aid her colicky disposition, but we're hoping it clears up soon so she can start feeling a bit more like herself.

Evelyn has discovered a love for Lalaloopsy dolls lately. At one of my best friend's recommendations (thanks Rosa!), Evelyn got a couple in her Easter basket this year and it was a huge win. Now, a certain little someone is also enjoying the accompanying TV series!

This year at school, Nathaniel made a special gift for me for Mother's Day- a peppermint sugar scrub! It smells amazing and Nathaniel was so excited to give it to me when he brought it home! Just as special as the gift itself was the bag that it came in, where he drew our whole family (including a "grown-up Mary" as I was informed) and wrote out MOM. Needless to say, that bag got saved in a special place!

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