May 1, 2015


In the Crib
Potty Pro
Lego Play
This week, we took a new approach to things with Mary. After a series of medical appointments that left me feeling somewhat bewildered, we were blessed to have one of our friends (who is a physical therapist) take a look at our daughter. She spent the majority of her Saturday afternoon with us evaluating Mary, giving us information, and teaching us what we could do to make her more comfortable. This week has seen a dramatic shift in her range of motion and a better understanding of what we need to do to help her reflux. We feel so blessed to have such great friends and we are so glad to have some practical steps that we can take to help our daughter feel more comfortable.

Miss Evelyn has been such a trooper these past weeks. Since so much of our attention has been focused on Mary and her needs, Evelyn has really been flexible. She's great at independent play (usually picnics with her princess dolls) when we're otherwise occupied, but one of the biggest things that she's achieved over the last few months has been independence on the potty (for the most part). For a nursing mama, that's worth gold to have children that can take care of themselves for a few minutes!

Nathaniel is still as enamored as ever with his Legos. He doesn't discriminate between Duplos and the small Legos so long as the can form it into a gun or weapon of some sort. It's so fun to watch him build and be creative with the little people, but keeping the Legos in one place (and away from the floor where teeny, tiny baby hands are learning to grasp) has been a challenge. If anyone has tips on how to keep the Legos corralled, feel free to share!


    We invested in one to store all the duplo. It keeps it from being dumped all over the floor!

  2. Gollllly! That picture of sleeping Mary is way way too adorable. She is so sweetly unaware. I'm sure a moment you're treasuring!

    1. I'm definitely treasuring it!! The moments when she's happy or sleeping are all the sweeter these days since she's so colicky and unhappy frequently. Anytime she's peaceful is special :)