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April 22, 2015


Sally the Worm
Sally the Worm
Sally the Worm
Last week while we were adventuring outside, the kiddos made their first discovery of the season- a worm. Evelyn was thrilled and scooped it up with her little blue shovel (after dousing it in the sand box), eagerly showing it off to me. She announced that she would call it Sally, and thus, Sally was named.

Unfortunately, Sally disappeared back into the dirt once Evelyn had to go inside for a potty break (and while she was gone, Nathaniel decided that the worm needed a boy name too so he decided to call it Jason). So although the worm was gone (and there has been some talk about finding another one), at least we got a few good memories out of the deal. And as an added bonus, at least my little girl won't be squeamish come fishing time!

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