April 24, 2015


Little Toes
Nickelodeon Universe
Nickelodeon Universe
This week, I overcame most of my fears about taking Mary to the chiropractor and we have seen a slight improvement in our little girl's disposition. She's been in for two appointments now and there has been a distinct difference in her digestive (ahem) regularity, but more importantly, the chiropractor has been able to increase the range of motion that she has in her neck. Eventually, this will make her more comfortable all-around. As we're continuing to look forward to the end of the colic, we're soaking in the moments when she is genuinely happy and, just like she has been from the beginning, my littlest girl is still a water baby, loving her baths.

Before we had Mary, Jonathan and I planned a few days to make the older kids feel extra special, knowing that so much of our attention would be dedicated to our baby in the first few weeks and months after her arrival. This week was the first one of those special days and we spent seven hours at Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America, riding rides until we were all ready to collapse.

The kids loved every moment of it, enjoying each ride to the fullest. Nathaniel conquered his fear of the roller coaster and Evelyn, my little daredevil, embraced her love for the Log Chute (the only "roller coaster" that she was tall enough to ride). After seven hours though, we were all dog tired and dragged ourselves home just in time to collapse into bed. It was an amazing day.

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