April 17, 2015


The Moby
Sunglass Girl
Sunglass Man
Sometimes in life, you make really ill-timed decisions. One of mine was getting rid of our Moby wrap at a garage sale that we had last summer. I had used it with Nathaniel briefly, subsequently deciding that I hated it because it was too cumbersome to be practical. Since we never used it with Evelyn, I assumed that any future baby wouldn't need one either. Oh, how wrong I was! These last few weeks have made it clear that unless Mary is cuddled up next to me, she's unhappy. While I love holding my sweet girl, at some point it was going to become necessary to start cooking dinner again so we chalked this one up to a lesson learned and picked up another Moby. Happy baby, happy mama.

This week, the two older kids ventured out with me to Target (no small feat with three, I will add) and we found new sunglasses for each of them. Nathaniel picked a Ninja Turtle pair and Evelyn is currently rocking a pair of glasses emblazoned with Elsa from Frozen. So far, the sunnies are intact and unbroken. Here's hoping it stays that way…

Photo Credit: The photo of Mary and I was taken by Nathaniel.


  1. We love the moby!! I've used it for all of mine. It doesn't seem to work as well for us for bigger babies but I love it for newborns! My big kids got their first sunglasses this year too! ;) Everyone's so excited!

    1. Awesome! Hope your kids' sunglasses stay in one piece! The ones in the picture are actually Evelyn's second pair of the year after the first pair lasted an hour (no joke). Hopefully they can make them last! Haha!