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April 15, 2015


Few Moments of Peace
"Anna Braids"
"Laser Eyes"
Even though it's a bit late, I wanted to share a few photos from last week. At some point, I'm going to write about our experience with colic and the endless list of things we've tried to help Mary feel better, but today isn't that day. I'm currently writing this with a baby draped on my chest after she fell asleep fussing. That seems to be the time that she's content lately so wherever she falls asleep, usually while being held, we do our best statue impressions until she cracks her eyes open again.

Continuing our theme from last week, Evelyn requested "Anna" braids (for the uninitiated, that's a Frozen reference for you). The angels sang hallelujah as we discovered a hairstyle with minimal scream potential. All the points go out to Disney this week for making my life a little easier.

The other morning, Nathaniel came into my bedroom wearing his goggles and announced that he had "laser eyes." It was too classic not to get a photo of him with his newest weapon. We'll just add that to the arsenal.

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