April 2, 2015


Ballerina Bun
Little Reader
We were so hopeful that we were seeing improvements in how Mary was feeling these last few days. Unfortunately, after a couple slightly better days that turned out to be just plain luck of the draw, we are back to a very unhappy baby. We think that the second reflux medication is doing nil and administering gas drops at night to ease some of her discomfort isn't the magical golden ticket either. With those items crossed off our list, we're trying probiotics next with the hope that we'll all start sleeping again.

We've recently been trying to find new, easy ways to keep Evie's hair out of her face. This is made all the more challenging by the fact that she screams every time I try to even brush out her hair so we've both come to dread the experience. This week, we attempted the ballerina bun for something quick and easy (and with minimal scream potential). If anyone has ideas for easy hairdos, feel free to share!

Nathaniel is big into reading these days. He's started reading simple books independently (thank you, preschool teachers) and I am absolutely in love with the BOB books. Those books have been a Godsend; they are simple enough for him to read with little help and he sees the achievement of reading a whole book by himself. It's huge! But when we're not up to our eyeballs in books, we're busy looking at Star Wars package inserts or magazines… because that's just as important as learning word families!


  1. Hmm, hopefully this isn't a double comment, but I hit publish and my original disappeared.

    My daughter who turns 3 next week will let me braid her hair into two pigtails, but only if I call it Anna hair. The sides aren't quite long enough for Elsa hair yet, but she's always asking for that. But no ponytails or other cute hairstyles, just Anna hair, mostly. We also use a Tangle Teaser brush (well, the Goody version from Target), and it works really well.

    I'm pretty sure this is my first time commenting, after reading your blog for years now (since way before Evie was born!). I hope that's not creepy! I'm due with my baby #3 on Monday and hoping we have as smooth as transition as possible!

    1. Hi Leah! Not creepy at all- I know that I personally rarely comment on blogs, even the ones I've read for years!! And thanks for the tip on the Anna hair! We tried it and she loves it!!

  2. Congrats on sweet Mary, she's a doll.

    As for brushing a little girls hair with out the screaming (I have a 5 year old, I know the frustration) try 'the "wet" brush' it's by goody. It's amazing, glides through hair - wet or dry. Or the tangle teazer as mentioned above but the wet brush has a handle. Braids are fun and fairly easy on a moving head and it doesn't need as much 'styling' so to speak. Good luck!