March 16, 2015

Back to the Routine

First Bath
First Bath
This past weekend was our last breath of vacation as we soaked in being a family of five with Jonathan home. We played outside, ate a ridiculous number of cookies, and checked a few to-dos off the list, including giving this little lady her first solo bath.

Since she had taken several baths with me before we tried one on her own, we knew she would probably love the water, but it was still such a wonderful moment to see her relaxed and enjoying the warm water… honestly, a far cry from bath experiences that we've had with her brother and sister! And since we were able to bathe her in the sink, there were no back-wrenching yoga poses over a bathtub for mom or dad either- we were simply able to enjoy bathing our little girl for the first time.

So now we're facing real-life again. It's back to school, back to work, and back into our routines, but at least we're facing it with a squeaky clean baby!


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    1. Thanks Verna! I'm having so much fun soaking this time in with her! Honestly, I think I could just stare at her for hours...