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March 27, 2015


Little Love
Favorite Skirt Day
"Boundary Waters Pants"
Our sweet little Mary has spent the week pushing through more rough nights battling reflux. We're currently on our second medication (after the first one didn't do anything) and we're hoping that this one will be the magical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In between bouts of trying to soothe her, we're busy enjoying her sweet snuggles and her love of sleeping snuggled up on mama's chest.

Though she's been busy learning about taking care of babies and being a good big sister, Evelyn has been busy on her own too. She spends her days coloring, playing play-dough and building Legos, preferably while wearing her favorite skirt or dress. This flower skirt happens to be the favorite of the moment and one can only hope that it stays clean because washing it is a disaster akin to losing a limb.

Nathaniel has been thrilled anticipating the arrival of summer. Unless he's decked out in his school uniform, he's wearing pants that have giant holes in the knees. Why? He's wearing "Boundary Waters pants." And for the record, he would like all of his pants to be Boundary Waters pants and no, he doesn't understand why he can't have holes in all of them.

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