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March 18, 2015


Snuggly Baby
Snuggling on the Couch
Outdoor Heaven
This week brought about some new challenges for us as parents. For the last four nights, Mary has decided that she hasn't wanted to sleep, choosing instead to scream bloody murder at us between 11pm and 4am. After having two children who slept well when they were infants, this has been an entirely new experience for us. It's made us very grateful to have such a good pediatrician who recommended trying some reflux medication for our littlest girl to see if the three of us can find any relief! We're really hoping to see a little improvement for her soon, but in the meantime, she's busy sleeping during the day.

For the two older kids, we've really cut down on their electronics/television time in the last three weeks. It's been such a good thing for them; it's made them more appreciative of the times that we do veg out on the couch and turn on a cartoon, but it's also made us a lot more intentional about getting outside and playing (the warmer weather has definitely played a role in that too)! So here's hoping that the sunshine is here to stay so we can keep enjoying the swing set and keeping this mama's sanity by running off some of that extra energy!

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