March 13, 2015


Hello Kitty Obsessed
Future Lucasfilm CEO
This week, Mary's been settling into life in this crazy little family. Mercifully, she'll sleep through her older sibling's noises most of the time and we're immensely grateful that they usually sleep through her fussing at night as well. Her biggest moment of the week, however, was a visit to our midwife where we found out that she's officially surpassed her birth weight- big news for a little girl who initially lost so much weight.

Evelyn's been busy cooing over her little sister, but she's never far from her Hello Kitty water bottle. I'm honestly not sure what it is about the bottle, but somehow it's become a huge favorite in the last few days so we're going with it!

As for Nathaniel, the Star Wars obsession continues. We are actively advertising for Lucasfilm in just about every area now: what we wear, the toys we play with, bedroom decor, etc. Given his passion for Star Wars, he was ridiculously excited to hear that the next Star Wars movie has an official release date… even if it is two years down the line. He's already planning our next trip to the theater.

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