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February 3, 2015

Jackets and All That White Stuff on the Ground

Snow Play
Snow Play
Snow Play
After a brief respite from winter, we're back to being buried under a whole lot of white stuff and sub-zero temperatures this week. While we're enjoying the fact that winter isn't over quite yet, I'm finding that the newest plummet in temperatures is much more challenging than I had anticipated. It's like sleep training for parents-to-be; the cold temps settle in for the night, causing the rafters in our attic to pop like a shotgun, which in turn causes the mother-to-be to wake up out of a sound sleep, stuff her face back into the pillow, and curse the very existence of winter… or something like that. After one such challenging night this week, the following conversation took place between Evie and I:

A: Mommy is tired today because she didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

E: Why?

A: Our house was making lots of noise last night. It was so cold out last night that our rafters were creaking in the attic.

E: Our attic?

A: Yep.

E: Then it needs a jacket.

A: Houses aren't really meant to wear jackets.

E: But the house was whining. It doesn't have a mouth, but it was whining. It needs a jacket.

A: A jacket? For the house?

E: Yes!!!

A: But that would be an awfully big jacket.

E: Yes! A BIG one!!

A: Where would we get one?

E: At the store. Maybe all of our family could carry it back home. And then we're going to Batman's house!

A: Batman?

E: Maybe tomorrow we can plan on my idea?

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