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February 9, 2015

All Hail the Tub Crayons

Bath Crayons
As we're coming up on the last days of this pregnancy, I've found myself needing to take it easy. Last week, I was hit with a cold after pushing myself non-stop to finish project after project and I finally had to throw up my hands and tell myself that if nothing else gets done, then it's all okay. That may mean no more meals stored away in the freezer, no more paint touch-ups, and a whole bunch more relaxing than I had anticipated… but for this season, that's all right.

One of the best discoveries we've made recently to aid with the whole Pregnant Mommy Relaxation theme we've been going with has been some new bath toys for Evie. Oftentimes, we will drop her brother off at school, pick up a few items from Target, and then come home where she will spend a good long time engrossed in her toys while she plays mermaid, princess, and tub graffiti artist. Meanwhile, I get to sit quietly in the next room over listening to her songs and conversations with her water baby doll and remembering that sometimes it's important for mommies to have a time out too! Goodness knows that these opportunities will be few and far between in the very near future...

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