January 20, 2015

Third Trimester in the Snow

Third Trimester in the Snow
Third Trimester in the Snow
Third Trimester in the Snow
It's been months since I've snapped a picture to show how pregnant I am and now that we're well into the third trimester of this pregnancy, I finally decided that it was high time to break out the camera. For all of you who've asked for belly pictures this time around, thank you for the encouragement- I haven't had the time or energy to do an entire series like I've done before, but I wanted to make sure we did something special by taking a few memorable shots with Jonathan and I before this one makes an appearance.

As you can all see, this little one is carrying so far out front that he or she practically resides in their own zip code. Though my hips don't appreciate this newest phenomenon, we're all learning to deal with it; I'm sitting more frequently, Jonathan picks up anything I can't reach from the floor, and the kids are often sent on missions up and down the stairs to help mommy out. We're managing.

This pregnancy has been different from the last two in so many ways and before I forget all of the minute details, I thought I would share a few of them.

1. Nothing has ever tasted so good as anything I drink during this pregnancy. Ice water, milk, and Coke are all better than ever before.

2. I've developed a profound weakness for baby tech; with this pregnancy, it's taken the form of a new baby monitor that will be arriving on the market in March… hopefully before our littlest one enters the picture.

3. I still can't find a Chinese restaurant that measures-up to my pregnancy cravings. The Chinese food I've been craving can only be found in a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant up north… that closed about six years ago.

4. Nesting has kicked-in full swing, but I have no urge to clean. Instead, my days are filled with trying to finish projects like a baby blanket I'm knitting or painting the kitchen. I'm itching to scrape the popcorn ceiling in the family room and tear down some wood paneling, but so far Jonathan has convinced me to wait. That man deserves an award.

5. This pregnancy has been the most challenging so far and the most physically uncomfortable. Standing, walking, and especially bending over are taking their toll like never before, but despite it all, I think I'm handling it better with this little one than I did with the previous two, knowing that this is the last time I'll be going through it while anticipating being able to meet our sweet little babe.

I'll try to snap another photo or two before the baby arrives, but for now, it's back to the project list. The kitchen still needs painting and Jonathan is ready to physically restrain me if I look too hard at the wood paneling. Just a few more weeks to go!

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