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January 26, 2015

Her Valentine

Ready for the Ball
We recently trekked up north to spend some quality time with family and to celebrate the annual Father Daughter Valentine Ball.  With a certain little person's undying devotion to anything princess, receiving the invitation from her daddy to attend a ball (just like Cinderella) was nothing short of magical.

Armed with her princess dress and Cinderella shoes, we got ready to go and then it was off to dance the night away! As my own dad and I sat and found some quality time to catch-up on life (due to my current distrust of anything with high heels and my newfound center of gravity), we watched the sheer excitement of my three-year-old as she eagerly pulled her dad to the dance floor. It was a far cry from last year when we stayed for a total of three songs and left with a girl who was so exhausted she could barely stand; this year, she would've danced all night if her little legs would've held her. After well over an hour of dancing and twirling with daddy, we finally gathered ourselves up and headed home.

As both a mother and daughter, it was an amazing night, but one of my favorite parts was the very end as we clicked my little girl into her carseat and she leaned over to her daddy and thanked him for taking her to the ball. And sure enough, the very next day she was asking if she could go back and dance with him again. Here's to next year!

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