January 13, 2015

Because It's Fleeting

Sneak Peek
Sneak Peek
Just today, Jonathan and I were lucky enough to go in for one last peek at our little one before he or she makes an appearance. With my health history, we were sent in for a third-trimester, detailed ultrasound just to check up on our baby and make sure that my body is supporting the health of our little one like it should.

As I drove to the appointment, it hit me: this would be the very last time I did this. This pregnancy, this baby, is our last and all of the concluding events make it bittersweet. This final ultrasound, the last time that Jonathan and I would huddle around a computer screen, searching for a glimpse of our unborn child, would never happen again. Sitting in my car as I drove, it struck me how precious this time was, valuable because it is so fleeting. If I knew that there was another child coming and more ultrasounds, things would be so different, but seeing the little face on the monitor and knowing that I would never do this again made me treasure it even more.

It was such a gift that we had a wonderful technician doing the ultrasound for us. Truth be told, there was only one thing that they really needed to check with the baby and ensuring that our little one was healthy would've taken a grand total of thirty seconds. Instead of rushing, we were treated to glimpses of our next child as we all oohed and aahed over the adorable little baby rolls and chubby cheeks. It was a precious time that will stay with me long after I'm done having children.

Leaving the clinic, it was a joy to know that our youngest child is safe and healthy inside my body, tucked away while he or she waits a few more weeks to be born. And even though it's hard to think about closing out this chapter in our lives, it's somehow full of promise for everything that's to come for our family.


  1. I know the feeling. After baby #4 we knew she would be the last. It was and is bittersweet. Blessings to you and your family!

    1. Thanks! It really is harder than I thought it would be, but at the same time, I'm appreciating it so much more!

  2. I'm having a lot of those same feelings! HUGS!