January 29, 2015


Princess Castle
Baby Helper
This little girl continues her obsession with princesses and has been busy incorporating all of her princesses (both Barbie-sized and miniature) into castle life. Meanwhile, Nathaniel has been my helper for all things baby. He loves being in the nursery and being part of putting together the baby gear that's slowly being dredged out of our storage room. Just this morning, he asked if the baby was still in my belly. I think it's safe to say someone is getting a little impatient…


  1. Garrett is SUPER excited too!! He did really well last time too! I LOVE it!! Avery isn't as interested but I think when the baby gets here, she will be.

    1. Isn't it great how into it they are this time? I'm so happy that the kids are old enough to understand what's going on. The only thing I'm really nervous about with them is getting out the door once labor starts without freaking them out when I have contractions. Just remembering how I handled it last time makes me extra nervous about sneaking out this time without them panicking because mommy's in pain has me wondering how I'm going to do it!