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January 22, 2015


Before Quiet Time
Before Quiet Time
For this week's installment of pictures of the littles, I grabbed a couple shots before their quiet time. Previously nap time, we're still in the throes of transitioning into quiet play in their rooms instead of sleeping. Some days, we're wildly successful. On the day that I'm writing this, I've dealt with what was quite literally a poop explosion all over the bathroom, a subsequent shower for that child, two separate bathroom trips, and multiple reminders that the littles needed to be quiet. According to this mama, it was not a success story.

That said, the transition is going fairly smoothly most days with Evie entertaining herself with her dolls or chalkboard and Nathaniel building Legos. Now if we can just avoid any more bodily fluids erupting from the wee ones until the baby arrives, I will consider myself wildly lucky.


  1. Body fluid explosions are always fun. Especially when you're pregnant. :( We're transition to quiet time with Garrett as well. It's a struggle but I'm determined to stick with it!

    1. No kidding!! I couldn't believe it when I walked into the bathroom. It was EVERYWHERE. By the time I was done cleaning it up, my back was screaming and I was soaked from helping the kiddo in the shower! Oh well… and I think transitioning to quiet time will be good in the long run. Hopefully the kiddos get the idea of "quiet" time sooner rather than later though!