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September 24, 2014

Weekend Mornings

Typical Morning
This past weekend between picking apples and house projects, I caught these two playing together on the couch. We've recently been making a big effort to really limit their TV time, and the resulting lack of Cat in the Hat and Rescue Bots has resulted in better playtime between the two of them.

Honestly, it's been a bit of a relief to see the two of them start playing together in a way that doesn't involve bludgeoning each other with Legos or running to a parent every two seconds tattling. For now, it seems like they've finally begun to learn to play together nicely while lounging around in their pajamas on the couch.

It's a breath of fresh air in the house to know that they can (and sometimes do) entertain themselves well without a list of suggestions from Jonathan or I. Evelyn can usually be found playing Mommy with her purple baby doll and Nathaniel has begun taking on the role of Daddy/Optimus Prime. Listening in on their playtime together usually goes something like this:

Nathaniel: Evelyn… where are you?

Evelyn: 'Thaniel, I'm in here! Will you hold my baby while I get her a bottle?

Nathaniel: Sure, Evelyn. Oh no!

Evelyn: What?!?

Nathaniel: The Decepticons! They're here!

Evelyn: Aaaaahhhhhhhh! Don't worry baby, I will save you!

Nathaniel: Let's get them! [Shooting noises]

It's always entertaining at our house, transformers or not. For now, this mama is just grateful that I have two children who will play together without trying to kill each other, especially for those moments when I really need a breather. And while I'm taking that breather… I'm usually listening to screaming about robots.

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