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September 11, 2014

The Newest Member of the Family

Adventures with Arthur
Adventures with Arthur
Adventures with Arthur
This morning after we picked what few apples were on our tree this year, the kids ventured over to the playhouse. A few moments later, I heard the telltale, Mommy! I have to show you something! It's so cool! Usually, this exclamation is followed by the display of a unique rock or maybe even a child that has discovered their ability to hop around on one foot. Today, however, this discovery came in the form of Arthur, Nathaniel's new best frog friend.

Arthur was gracious enough to join us for lunchtime at the kitchen table from his mason jar perch and the littles were entertained watching him hop around under his leaf. Admittedly, there were quite a few tears when we had to let him go, especially from a certain tender-hearted little boy who was sobbing because he was going to miss his froggie. After a few extra hugs from Mama and Daddy, we finally made it outside and left Arthur in peace with the promise that we would look for more frogs next summer.

The weather is definitely cooling off here in Minnesota and we're bundling up when we go outside with sweatshirts and jackets. The days of frog hunting are waning in favor of hot chocolate and impending snowstorms. It'll all be here so soon...

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