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September 10, 2014

Keeping Them Involved

Keeping Them Involved
Keeping Them Involved
This pregnancy has been such wild ride so far; everything is different from my previous two pregnancies, but one of the biggest contrasts so far has been the kiddos! These little ones are old enough to really understand that there's a baby growing in my belly and it's been important to Jonathan and I that we include them in the excitement of this pregnancy since it's now public news.

That's definitely easier said than done. We tried a couple things to include them, one of which was taking them both with to our first ultrasound at 7 weeks. That was an EPIC disaster. To be exact, it was 50% of an epic disaster. Exactly half of my birthed children behaved for the fifteen minutes that we were in the ultrasound room, sitting still as a statue and quietly watching the technician. The other half… let's just say that Daddy excused himself and said child from the room pretty darn quick when fussing/squirming/screeching ensued. Think hyena on steroids and you'd have a pretty good picture of what went down that morning. The poor technician. I'll leave it up to your imagination as to exactly which minion of mine was to blame for the somewhat unsavory behavior.

With the ultrasound behind us (thank you, Lord Almighty and amen), we attempted something far less stressful to include our littles- photos. We took our ultrasound pictures to Target and made a couple cheap copies, hanging one up in each of our kids' bedrooms. Honestly, we weren't sure if it was something they would like or if it would be ripped off their walls in half a second but we were pleasantly surprised. Letting them each have their own picture has been a great way to include them and to give them an avenue to ask questions about the baby and how he or she is growing.

The most challenging part of the whole experience has been the photo itself. Right now, we are out of the first trimester and our little baby inside of me looks nothing like that tiny blip on the screen that we saw at seven weeks. Explaining how much bigger the baby is now compared to the picture has been a little challenging, but we've been trying our hardest. Hopefully when we go in for our next ultrasound at twenty weeks, we'll get a couple more good shots that we can share with the kiddos!!

Until then, we're definitely open to suggestions. We want the littles to be included as much as they can be… how would you involve them? Feel free to share your ideas with us!! Happy Wednesday!

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