August 16, 2014

And Then There Were Five

Our Family of Five
There's been quite a bit of upheaval around our house these past couple months as we are preparing to meet the newest little member of our family, the sweet baby we will meet next March! We feel so blessed to be pregnant at this point, especially since it came against the odds for us. It's a tremendous joy and something that we attribute to lots of prayers being lifted up by us and on our behalf by friends and family.

The last few weeks haven't been easy on me as a mama. This pregnancy has been the most difficult so far with regards to feeling downright awful. I can smell everything and quickly became aware that smells that I previously enjoyed are now triggers that can cause me to lose my lunch (I'm looking at you, Tresemme shampoo)! It's been a roller coaster for us as a family since I'm often too tired to do much, but Jonathan has been stepping in to take on the role of Super Dad, which often takes the form of working from home so I can rest a bit more. It's been a treat for us to be able to spend a bit more time as a family, but I'm still longing for the days when I won't need Saltine crackers to make my way out of bed in the morning. A girl can only take so many of those.

So far, we've been blessed to have an ultrasound to see our little babe very early on and one of the most special moments for us has been listening to our little one's heartbeat on a doppler while we're relaxing at home. That happens to be a particular favorite of Nathaniel's as he comes running every time he hears me looking for those familiar sounds.

With regards to Nathaniel and Evelyn, we had a bit of a shock when Nathaniel questioned me out of the blue about being pregnant just days after we found out that we were expecting:

Nathaniel: Isn't there a baby in your tummy?

Mommy: Um… buddy, we're going to have to talk about that later. Maybe when we're not visiting Bubba and Grandma's house, okay?

Nathaniel: Why? Because then they'll know?

Mommy: What exactly will they know?

Nathaniel: About the baby.

Suffice it to say, we told Nathaniel right then and there. Most impressive of all, he kept the secret for nearly three weeks until we gave him the green light to tell some of our closest family members. Both he and Evelyn are thrilled that they have a baby brother or sister on the way and they've also registered their opinions with the parent committee for which gender they would prefer. Not surprisingly, one wants a boy, the other wants a girl!

Right now, we're just taking it as slow as we can, enjoying this time before life will change so drastically. These are fun days, despite pondering the question of purchasing stock in Saltines, and we're going to soak them up with the end of summer and lots of sunshine!

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