November 14, 2013

The Perfect Employment

Last week, I shared a little news here that I recently started a job and I thought that it was only fair to go into that a little more today. Internet, meet Amelia. This sweet little lady is the daughter of one of our close friends and she is joining our family once a week for day care.

In all honesty, I wasn't sure how things would go, throwing a newborn into the mix with a toddler and a little boy. It's one of those situations where it sounded like it would work so we all took the plunge and hoped that it would go smoothly. Truth be told, I was more than a little surprised by how my own kids reacted to having such a little baby over at our house all day. Amelia was no sooner set down on the floor in her carseat than both of my children were on the floor next to her, serenading her with their version of Jesus Loves Me.

Pretty much the entire day went just like that- my kids fawning over the baby and practically begging to hold her, touch her, sing to her, and so forth. (Spoiler alert: they were sorely disappointed when I informed them that  I would be the only one feeding the baby. They were also disappointed that they were not allowed to share their peanut butter sandwiches with her.)

So for now, we're adjusting to our new rhythm around here when this sweet little girl is with us. It's been wonderful incorporating her into our days and it will be so much fun to have her with us as she starts to get bigger.

Welcome to the craziness, Amelia! P.S. Nathaniel can't wait until you are old enough to eat peanut butter.

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