November 12, 2013

The Donut Quest Continues

Farmington Bakery
This afternoon, Evelyn and I found ourselves with a little extra time before picking up her brother from school. It was just enough time to make a quick stop at a local mom and pop-style bakery for (what else?) a few donuts. Naturally, my wee girl was thrilled to be able to pick out a donut for herself and her brother and our jaws may have dropped slightly when we saw the double-glazed donuts.

Farmington Bakery, folks. They speak our language.

In short, it was great. Even better than great. Every donut should be double glazed from here on out... just because they can be. Really, this gives an entirely new meaning to the term sweet tooth. 

Judging from the kids' reactions and the harmonious joy from my own taste buds, this will not be the last trip we make to this bakery and thank goodness this little slice of heaven isn't too far from our house! In fact, I'm thinking that Jonathan is going to need to experience this little gem too so another trip in the near future may just be in order...

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