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November 6, 2013


Costuming Outtakes
Costuming Outtakes
Halloween is over and we're spending the week in recovery, eating a potentially lethal amount of candy and trying to get rid of yet another cold in the house. But before we jump headfirst into tryptophan and nativity scenes, I thought it would be fun to share a couple outtakes from our photo shoot last week. It was a cool, damp day when we headed out to snap a couple pictures for posterity, but the wee ones posed for the camera... at least until someone dropped her treat bucket and started moping about the slight breeze.

With almost four years of experience under my belt, I had come prepared and I whipped out the precursor to our Halloween candy, a bag of M&M's. I'm not above bribery for a couple cute photos, it's true but despite my best attempts, Evelyn wasn't so much as willing to let Nathaniel get close to give her a smooch. Somehow, that wasn't a big surprise with my less-snuggly child, so with the promise of playtime when we got home, we packed up and headed back with chocolate on our faces and a couple pictures to remember the year of Spiderman and his Princess. I know it's been said before, but man, I really love this stage.


  1. Hahaha! Sometimes an ornery princess can be pretty cute! Avery can throw some pretty cute temper tantrums. It's hard not to laugh.

    1. Oh I know! As a mom, I think one of the best skills we can have is how to turn around fast enough to cover the laughing so they don't think it's ok. But honestly... sometimes they really do look adorable when they are so stinking mad!