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October 23, 2013

Superhero Chronicles: Ready to Lend His Aid

Ready to Lend Aid
Keeping on with our fun Spiderman-themed month, our Superhero can now be found at a local fire station, ready and willing to lend his aid to the hard-working men and women who are ready to put out all of my cooking fires and keep us safe!

As Evelyn and I were walking around town and running errands today, Spiderman accompanied us the entire time, keeping us safe and shooting his "spidey webs" at unsuspecting passerby. Being that he is a four-foot tall superhero, he can still get away with making shooting sounds at complete strangers while being cooed-over at the sheer cuteness of a costumed child in the grocery store. So thank you, Spiderman, for keeping us safe! We'll be seeing you again soon!


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    1. Thanks, Verna! It was so fun to watch him walking around in his costume- he was really proud of himself!