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October 25, 2013

Stepping Out

Silly Faces
We recently spent a little time outdoors as a family in an attempt to get a good photo of the four of us. Truth be told, coordinating smiles on children under the age of ten and doing our best to avoid grumpy faces isn't something that our little family excels at, so after a few shots Daddy took our little lady back inside and Nathaniel and I stayed out to play with his Spiderman toy for a few more minutes.

At the suggestion of our photog for the day (thanks, Anna), we snagged a couple quick pictures with just Nathaniel and I playing around and some of my favorite ones were the two of us laughing about silly faces and trying to avoid the tickle monster. Funny how those spontaneous, imperfect moments can become some of the best photos and even better memories. Huge thanks to my sweet sister for snapping those pictures- I'll be grinning at them for years to come!

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