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October 28, 2013

Leaf Disposal 101

Some of you may have noticed in the last post that we have a small mountain of leaves on our lawn. In fact, the word mountain may be an understatement since every square inch of our yard is covered in yellow flakes. The up-side is that it's beautiful to see, but with a yard that's significantly larger than our previous one, raking is no longer a one-man job.

Now, I'm all for dousing the leaves in gasoline and tossing in a match for good measure while inviting the neighbors over to roast some marshmallows. Unfortunately, this life or death act runs the risk of burning down The Farmhouse and giving our local fire department yet another reason to stop by. Despite all of that, I might be willing to risk it... but somehow I just can't stomach the idea of moving again. Ever. So burning our lawn to a crisp was ruled out.

That left us with leaves, more leaves than could be bagged and left out by our garbage can to be carted away to their doom. So the four of us found ourselves outside last week, raking leaves up onto a tarp, carting them into the backyard in the hopes that they will decompose within a year behind a row of trees. It's like one big science experiment around here, folks. BRACE YOURSELVES FOR THE EXCITEMENT!

Between raking the piles and trying to dissuade the two minions not to use the leaves on the tarp as a slip-n-slide, my sweet little lady spent her time outside running around the trees, playing peek-a-boo with me. I was lucky enough to snap a couple pictures before she lost interest and started throwing leaves at her brother. Overall, it was a fun family experience, but judging from the minuscule number of leaves we managed to haul away (and the nauseating amount that is left to be done), you never know. The good ol' gasoline can may just win out after all.

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