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October 8, 2013

Because School is Just Another Excuse for a Donut Run

Donut Star
Today, we are finally getting around to the third installment of our great quest to find the best donut in the Twin Cities area. After a long hiatus thanks in no small part to the ferocity of moving and unpacking far more boxes than I cared to count, Evelyn and I took advantage of the time when Nathaniel was in school to head out to another local donut joint, Donut Star.

We had previously tried to visit this particular donut shop, but had been disappointed when they were closed by the time we arrived. This time, however, they were open and had a nice selection of donuts that absolutely delighted my wee girl who screeched with delight when I told her she could pick any donut she pleased. (She picked white frosting with sprinkles).

It was the first donut I'd had in months so it was naturally a slice of heaven for my taste buds... but I'm not going to lie. It wasn't the best donut I've ever had. It wasn't even the best donut I've had since starting the donut quest. In fact, the most appealing part of Donut Star was probably the fact that the guy behind the counter threw in an extra donut for free when he saw how Evelyn was eyeing the chocolate glaze. (Spoiler alert: chocolate glaze was good too but sprinkles was definitely better).

All in all, it was good but next time I have a donut craving, we'll be packing up and shipping out to another little bakery. Now... who's hungry?

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