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September 30, 2013


Apple Harvest
Apple Harvest
This past week, we had a first in our new house- the apple harvest! We spent an evening out in our backyard picking the fruit off our sweet tree, listening to the giggles of children, and running around in the cooler air.

Armed with two laundry baskets and a ladder, the four of us attacked the tree. Despite a little girl who was bound and determined to hate the entire experience, we picked and plucked all the apples. Nathaniel was particularly fond of climbing the ladder to pull the apples free of their perch (with Daddy close at hand, of course). And our sweet little girl, once she took a bite of an apple, finally came around to the experience too.

In the end, we gathered two full baskets of apples which meant that this past week was a crash course in making applesauce and (surprise!) learning how to can foods in our farmhouse kitchen. A few mild burns and over twenty quarts of applesauce later, we've checked another item off of our fall to-do list. And we'll be eating applesauce until the cows come home! Happy fall!


  1. If I weasel the canned apple pie recipe out of my grandma, I'll send it your way. Apple pie filling goes very nicely on top of ice know, if you don't feel like making a pie ;)

    1. Oh man, that sounds amazing. I would love to get that recipe if your grandma feels like sharing it!!