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September 2, 2013

Almost Gone

It's hard to believe that summer is almost gone and before we know it, we'll be hauling out the long underwear that will be like a second skin for the next nine months. This little lady and I are getting ready for some quality girl time that we'll be having on a regular basis since her big brother starts school tomorrow and it'll be just the two of us for some pretty big chunks of the week!

As much as I'm thrilled to have a little more time one-on-one with my second-born child, my heart hurts a little knowing that Nathaniel will be off to school and that time has gone by so quickly that we're already at that stage. It will be so good for him- he loves his teacher and his classroom (having cajoled me into visiting them several times already) and he needs the social interaction with the other kids his age. But despite all of that, it stings a little to think that he's growing up faster than I realized.

Sometime soon (probably when I'm not buried in Kleenex and clutching a baby blanket to my aching chest), I'll write about our decision to send Nathaniel to school and how we picked the school he will be attending for years to come. It wasn't an easy choice, but being deliberate about choosing where our son will learn and grow has made this process a little easier to bear. So for now, we'll be wringing the last bit of life out of our summer days, enjoying the sunshine while it lasts, and gathering school supplies faster than you can say Target Run!

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