July 25, 2013

Toys, Colors, and A Lego To The Jugular

Color Time
Color Time
A few days ago while her big brother was sleeping, the little lady and I spent some time coloring at the kitchen table. Since we spend so much time with both wee ones together, it's almost like missing a limb when one of them isn't there. True, it's like missing a limb that will sneeze on your chicken dinner, tell you it loves you, and then ask you to wipe it's butt, but a limb nonetheless.

And so we colored. And colored. And tried to eat crayons. And then we colored some more. I mean, this girl really likes Crayola and the color blue, or in her words, BOO! Because if you ask her, it doesn't matter what color it really is so long as she can call it blue and use it to draw a circle.

And thus I continue to add to the collection of child artwork whose home is my kitchen counter. Eventually, it will make its way downstairs into their keepsake boxes, once I can hack my way through the safari of cardboard boxes and Legos that threaten to take me down every time I run to the basement to do a load of laundry. It's completely unpredictable and exciting, wondering whether or not I will make it back or if the spring-loaded Lego death trap that my children lovingly left for me at the bottom of the stairs will impale me against the plaster wall. Every single time it's... step... step... step... OH NO! MAN DOWN! YEP, SHE TOOK A LEGO TO THE JUGULAR. LET'S ALL BOW OUR HEADS...

Honestly, asking these two to clean up their toys in the basement is akin to scraping off my skin with sandpaper, so the basement seems to be in a perpetual state of boxes and LEGOS! SURPRISE, MOM! Overall, I don't mind the mess because it's largely out of sight, it keeps the majority of their toys away from our living room which is (hands down) my favorite room in our whole house, and because I have grand plans for revamping the basement, grand being the keyword in this sentence because my plans involve a tantalizingly organized cabinetry system which will run along an entire wall and a finished, wallpapered, and decorated laundry room. (Read also: a laundry room without spiders, hallelujah and amen.)

For the sake of my husband reading this post, let's all just pretend that money grows on trees and that this custom-built cabinetry system that will house books, toys, and our television is going to magically appear on it's own. We can also go ahead and pretend that my laundry room doesn't have any issues whatsoever with water seeping in through the walls and floor that will most certainly not cause any problems with drywall and wallpaper. BECAUSE MONEY GROWS ON TREES. LET'S GO WITH THAT.

So until that magical money tree starts blooming in my backyard, I'll be upstairs coloring with Evelyn and dodging the Lego trebuchet downstairs between loads of laundry. And who knows? Maybe that laundry room will finish itself off one of these days. Like around Christmastime. With this wallpaper (cough, cough). After all, if the big man in the red suit could pull that one off, I'm pretty sure I know someone who could do a great portrait as a thank you... Crayola-style.


  1. That wallpaper is beautiful, Alyssa! Can't wait to see the beautiful things you do with your house :) And I'll be praying for the harvest of your money tree sooner rather than later!

    1. Thanks, Marlana! I think we'll need to pray really really hard with wallpaper that expensive- hehe! Oh well, a girl can dream, right?