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July 10, 2013

The State of My Kitchen Address

Old Cabinet
Wallpaper Removal
One of the things that drew me to our house in the first place was the character. I love the arched doorways and the antique cabinet hanging in the kitchen is one of my favorite part of the house. That said, the peeling kitchen wallpaper had to go. Pronto.

Last week, I got the itch to start peeling it off, so armed with wallpaper remover and the earnest hope that I wouldn't ruin our plaster walls, I started pulling. I quickly discovered that I didn't even need the wallpaper remover- the paper was so old that it peeled right off the wall without any moisture. It was a win all around... until the paper peeled up some of the lead paint behind it.

And then there was the mold.

Unbeknownst to us and probably anyone who lived in this house since the wallpaper was put on the walls, there were two spots of mold on my kitchen walls. I was not a happy camper. In fact, there may or may not have been tears involved as I envisioned tearing down the walls and ripping out the ceiling to eradicate each and every mold spore.

Mercifully, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and we even managed to figure out where the water had come into the house to cause the mold. Pro tip- always make sure your gutters stay clean, folks!

So with a little plaster repair, we should be back to a mold-free house (thanks to the fact that we had our gutters cleaned out a few weeks ago). Apart from the obvious health perks like being able to breathe safely, this means that I will be able to decorate my kitchen walls inside of a couple weeks (crossing my fingers very, very hard). The wallpaper is off. The plaster repair is scheduled. And my painting finger is itching for some exercise!


  1. I am loving arched doorways lately! Glad to hear the wallpaper left and can't wait to see what you do with the space :)

    1. Thanks- I love the doorways too (can't wait for you to see them)! Right now, the wallpaper is off... but the plaster is only about 70% repaired. Once that's done, I can throw on a coat of paint and get to the fun of decorating!!