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July 8, 2013

Dirt on the Tires

Big Boy Bike
Big Boy Bike
Big Boy Bike
You guys, it finally happened this weekend! After months of talking about how we needed to get Nathaniel his own big boy bike (and transition Evelyn to the tricycle), Nathaniel found himself at two separate bike shops with Daddy looking at bikes. Thankfully, Evelyn and I got to be there for the final trial ride and purchase, and boy was he ever proud of himself!

The hardest part of the whole experience was leaving the bike at the shop so they could do a final tune-up and safety check. There was bribery involved. Lots and lots of bribery. And then there were tears... but 24 hours later, we were back at the shop and the little guy was riding his wheels into his future biking glory.

Despite the smothering heat (don't laugh, you Southerners!) we spent the afternoon at a local park chasing the little man up and down the asphalt path. He's so proud of his new "mountain bike" that's "just like Daddy's!" and it's so sweet to watch him hollar how he's going to win the race and take off like the gold medal is within his grasp.

This definitely goes down as one of my favorite parts of parenting so far... being able to experience moments like this, even if it means that he's still growing up too quickly.

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