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May 6, 2013

Jump Start

Usually, I'm not one for Mondays. I'm a big fan of the weekends, another adult around during the day, and amounts of ice cream consumed on Saturday nights that should be illegal. But no matter how much I adore those blessed weekend hours, this Monday I think we're all breathing a sigh of relief that the weekend is over. With less than a week to go until move number one (oh yes, we like it so much we are doing it TWICE), we are in full-on packing mode.

This past weekend, Jonathan and I spent our last child-free weekend in our current home. While we squeezed in a little time for fun and a dinner with friends, we spent the majority of the time packing boxes and hauling stuff over to our little storage unit. All in all, a lot of progress was made and our house is looking a lot emptier than before. With any luck, we won't need to rent the ridiculously large moving truck and we can scale back to the only slightly less ridiculous size.

With next weekend looming, we are hoping for good weather (don't let the picture above fool you- it was cold on Saturday!) and we're ready to bribe our movers with pizza and beer. Good combo? We certainly think so! Let the countdown begin!


  1. I hope the big move goes as planned! Also, this is a really sweet photograph.