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April 8, 2013

On and On and On

Last Friday, I sat down to write a post about where we're at with finding our next set of four walls. Naturally, composing a few words about that was just a little too inviting for fate since I was about to share how nothing had come on the market that fit our criteria since last DECEMBER. Sure, we've gone to see a house here and there to see if we could compromise and make something work... but we've always come back to what we wanted. But just as I finished the third paragraph, I got an email.

There it was! A new listing! The right number of bedrooms! And bathrooms! And it was five minutes away from our current house! And a beam of light broke through the clouds to the sound of angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus!

We called our realtor at the speed of lightening, interrupting her afternoon pedicure, to beg for an immediate showing. Just over an hour later, we arrived at the beautiful brick home, an old farmhouse in the middle of a neighborhood.

It was stunning and easy to see ourselves living there, playing in the huge backyard, and throwing birthday parties for our kids. The only caveat to this dream come true was the price tag. This home was not cheap and we knew that it would stretch us financially. We weighed our options, including the possibility of waiting another five months before something else comes on the market. In the end, we took the plunge, flying through the offer process with the speed of parents whose eldest child just had a potty accident (true story).

And not even two hours later, we heard back- they appreciated our thoughts on their house, but they couldn't afford to sell for what we could offer. We understood, especially since we were in their shoes just a month ago, but it was still tough to see another one come and go.

So here we are, closing date looming, still hoping and praying that we can find something in the time that we have left. And if not? Well, it will just be anther adventure to tell our grandchildren someday.

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